The aims of the Open Online Course “AEET”

The Open Online Course “Academic English For Educational Technology” (AEET) I have been designing, like other open courses developed on our website, is for Chinese undergraduate or postgraduate students who are studying Educational Technology in China, instead of students who are studying in UK or USA. So the purpose of AEET is rather different from the Academic English courses in UK or USA Universities.

The aims of AEET are to: 1)make students understand some current and innovative learning technologies around the world. 2) improve their English listening, reading and translating skills .

The reason why I define the aims of this course as above is that much of this course taught by other professors in China is about the introduction to Educational Technology which have already been learned by students in other Chinese courses. So language is the only different element between AEET and other courses in Educational Technology BS program, and thus results in the deficiency of cognitive objectives for Educational Technology in AEET. On the other hand, in terms of language using context in China, listening, reading and translating skills, rather than writing and speaking, are much important for most Chinese students.

Academic English for Educational Technology: an Open Online course for Chinese students

I have been visiting the Institute of Educational Cybernetics (IEC) at University of Bolton, home of JISC-CETIS. My academic visit started on March this year, and will last for 12 months. One of my research projects in IEC is to develop an open online course called “Academic English for Educational Technology” (AEET) , specifically for Chinese students at university.

Here are the reasons for me to do this work:

  • The course AEET is one of the core or optional courses of Educational Technology BS program in China, and a large number of Chinese undergraduate students who major in Educational Technology will take this course in their universities. However I couldn’t find a fully open online course on AEET in China.
  • Academic English  is essential for successful or high quality academic research in the field of Educational Technology.  If Chinese students or scholars want to improve their research experience in Educational Technology,  then they will have to improve their academic English skills firstly.
  • Like some researchers (Tschirner,2001) in this area, I believe that technology could play an effective and important role in developing students’ academic English skills and personalising their learning.

So, my hope is that high quality open online courses for AEET will match the interests of a substantial number of Chinese undergraduate and postgraduate students who major in Educational Technology.

Tschirner, E. (2001). Language acquisition in the classroom: The role of digital video. Computer Assisted Language Learning 14.3 & 4, 305–319.